All maintenance projects and assignments MUST be approved by the Board of Directors PRIOR to moving forward! Thank you!

The Woodlake Swim Club is owned and operated by volunteer members. We are always looking for folks to join in with the daily ongoing duties of the pool. As you can imagine it takes a team of people to operate and maintain this wonderful community asset.

Did you know you can reduce your membership fee by helping out with maintenance. $10 per hour goes to offset your fees for the next year.

Workdays usually happen 2 times pre-season and 2 times at the end of the season. Look for information and dates here, on Facebook, and on large wall calendar at the pool. We also email members of upcoming projects.

Other Volunteer Positions Available at the Pool

Pool Draining Cleaning Crew – Help wash down facility usually scheduled on a Monday.

Recycling Crew – Turn in cans and bottles at the recycling center.

Shopping Crew – For snack bar and cleaning supplies. You are reimbursed for items purchased.

Cleaning Crew – Volunteer cleans 2 times per week for about 1 hour per day.

We also have larger projects that are posted as needed throughout the year.



Please join us by emailing info@woodlakeswimclub.com for more information.