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Crystal Clear, Cold and Incredible!

October 2020 General Meeting / Board Election
Member Meeting will be happening at 3 pm on Sunday, October 25, via Zoom and that any members who have not received the link via MailChimp should contact info@woodlake.com to receive the meeting information and password?

Below is a link to proposed by law changes.




SurveyMonkey Comment Box
Thanks to all of the feedback we get regularly from so many members. We have created a new “virtual comment box” for members to leave feedback and suggestions (feel free to still talk with Lauren, Kerry or any of the board members directly too, of course). The link is below. Note that you are welcome, but not required, to use your name/email when submitting a comment. Please keep it clean and thanks in advance for your suggestions on how to improve the swim club!


Distancing Protocols

By order of the Sacramento County health department, we have established a Social Distancing Protocol that is posted at the front gate. The full text of the protocol can be viewed at:


We have also developed a one-page summary for members. This can be viewed at:


We will be updating the policies as circumstances change through the summer.

Pool Use Reminders & Requests

Please accompany your children to the Snack Shack as needed to ensure they are properly distancing while in line. We have bright green tape on the ground and can help point them toward the tape, but we need your help too, especially with younger children who may not understand the point of staying on those lines. Thank you!

A reminder that while we are not requiring masks of members, we are encouraging their use for everyone’s safety when you are not in the pool. Thank you for helping out in this regard.

Please do not remove or use the items in the lounge area behind the yellow cord. These are things that we will be putting back into rotation as distancing rules are eased, but for now this area should be considered off limits. This includes the ping-pong table and floats. The pool floats are difficult for our limited staff to keep clean and sanitized.

When staff are not on duty, please sign in and out using the clipboard hanging just inside the gate. This will help us keep tabs on usage numbers.

IMPORTANT: Do not unlock the gate. This allows non-members to access the club and can present numerous problems for everyone. The gate was unlocked at some point yesterday so we thought it would be worth a reminder for everyone.

Please don’t forget that we are soliciting donations for extra maintenance work. The prior email erroneously said that we had raised enough to paint the pool this year. In actuality, we haven’t hit that goal yet – it’s around $4,200 for the paint and materials – so our hope is to be able to earmark some funds to carry forward to next year and complete the painting in Spring 2021. This is a more prudent way to do it, vs dipping into limited budget funds during an uncertain year.

You can add a donation when you pay your dues electronically using the “Tip” function if you’d like. Additional donation methods will be added soon. Thank you all for your continued support of our swim club!


WSC would not be the awesome club it is today without it’s Board Members. A few Board members are terming out so we need to fill those spots for next year. If you are interested in being on the Board or have questions, please feel free to send us an email info@woodlakeswimclub.com .


Remember that parties over 10 guests please complete party application and submit for approval! This will help us coordinate busy weekend events!

For All Important Documents/Waivers go to Rules & Docs page!

Pool Updated Bylaws – Bylaws -FINALREVISEDOctober2018

Get on Facebook for Lifeguard hours or contact the office!